Data and People Analytics




Starting date

January 2024


2 weeks


English (BR)

About the course

In the evolving realm of talent acquisition, the fusion of data and human expertise is reshaping recruitment. The power of data, backed by artificial intelligence, is now a pivotal force in predicting hiring outcomes. Companies are embracing a talent intelligence strategy, leveraging comprehensive data analytics to stay competitive. This exploration delves into the uses, importance, and barriers of data in talent acquisition, emphasising the mainstream adoption of people analytics.

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Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:
  • Utilise data and artificial intelligence to transform talent acquisition, predicting hiring outcomes and implementing a strategic talent intelligence strategy. 
  • Understand the mainstream adoption of people analytics, identifying its uses, overcoming barriers, and effectively applying it in various aspects of talent management.
  • Establish a clear understanding of the strategic link between Human Capital Management (HCM) and business strategy, integrating data-driven practices to inform decision-making and enhance organisational success.
  • Acquire practical skills in collecting, maintaining, and analysing data, enabling you to draw meaningful insights and capitalise on predictive analytics. 
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  • HR Managers
  • Talent Recruiters and Trainers
  • HR Departments' Employees