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Employee Profiling

By creating detailed profiles, employers can optimize team dynamics, enhance job satisfaction, and foster a more efficient and harmonious workplace.

This category includes the following courses:
  • Employee Profiling 1: Data and People Analytics
  • Employee Profiling 2: Performance Management
  • Creating An Employer Branding Strategy

Diversity & Inclusion

Prioritizing Diversity and Inclusion is not just about compliance; it's about creating thriving communities and workplaces that harness the power of diverse perspectives for collective growth and success.

This category includes the following courses:
  • Diversity & Inclusion 1: Core Values
  • Diversity & Inclusion 2: Multi-generational Workforce

Code of Ethics

It is a commitment to upholding ethical standards, promoting trust among stakeholders, and ensuring that individuals within the organization operate with a shared sense of responsibility and respect.

This category includes the following courses:
  • Code of Ethics 1: Pay Transparency
  • Code of Ethics 2: Anti-Harassment
  • Code of Ethics 3: Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility


This category includes the following courses:
  • Recruitement 1: Identifying the Hiring Needs
  • Recruitement 2: Preparing the Job Description
  • Recruitement 3: Talent Search, Screening and Shortlisting
  • Recruitement 4: Interviewing the Candidate
  • Recruitement 5: Decision and Offer of Employment
  • Artificial Intelligence in Recruiting (AI)
  • LinkedIn Recruiter
  • Online Recruitement 1: Job Boards
  • Internal Recruiting
  • LinkedIn Advertisement

Learning & Development

Learning & Development empowers employees to enhance their skills, driving personal and professional growth within the organizational framework.

This category includes the following courses:
  • Learning & Development 1: Creating A Talent Management Strategy
  • Learning & Development 2:  Εmployee Training
  • Job Evaluation and Rewards Systems
  • Assessing Soft Skills
  • Employee Wellbeing 1: Employee Experience
  • Employee Wellbeing 2: Work Flexibility

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