LinkedIn Recruiter




Starting date

January 2024


2 weeks


English (BR)

About the course

LinkedIn Recruiter stands out as a powerful sourcing tool, granting entry to a vast network exceeding 950 million members globally. In this course you will discover effective strategies to broaden your search while utilising features and tools tailored to streamline the process, empowering recruiters to swiftly pinpoint the most suitable candidates.

Contents - Topics

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:
  • Understand how to use the features of LinkedIn Recruiter to find candidates easier and faster.
  • Familiarise with tools for narrowing down your search on LinkedIn Recruiter.
  • Describe ways to filter out the best candidates from LinkedIn talent pools.

  • Understand how to use the InMail application.
  • Identify other useful LinkedIn tools and what they offer.
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This course is addressed to

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  • HR Managers
  • Talent Recruiters and Trainers
  • HR Departments' Employees